Google's Helpful Content Update is Here

Published:  December 7, 2022
Google's Helpful Content Update is Here

It's here!

Google released its Helpful Content Update on Monday and as with most updates, it will take a few weeks to fully roll out.  

Was your site impacted?

To see if you were affected by the update you can start to look at your Google Analytics data under organic traffic. If you see any drastic changes in organic traffic over the next few weeks or month, it's likely due to this update,  

If you are still using Google Analytics 3 (universal analytics) I strongly urge you to update to Google Analytics 4 ASAP because Google will be shutting off Google Analytics 3 on July 1, 2023.  

What did Google do?

The short version is that Google is looking at web page content to make sure that it's helpful for visitors. If Google likes the content, the page may be left alone or bumped up in the search engine rankings. But if Google doesn't like the content, they may push the page down. 

In summary, this update is an opportunity in disguise, and it might make sense to start firing up an SEO campaign for your website to make sure that your site is (1) technically sound (that's part of the update, too) and (2) to evaluate your current content and produce additional, focused content as needed.

The Details:

If you'd like to get a better overview of what's happening and WHY, you can watch the replay below y of the webinar I gave last August (2022) that summarizes the update, what you need to know, and what, if anything, you need to do:

YouTube video
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