What Can Doctors and Dentists Learn From Google Search Console?

Published:  November 14, 2019
What Can Doctors and Dentists Learn From Google Search Console?

Interested in optimizing the visibility of your medical or dental practice? Google Search Console can help you. In this video from Dr. Wank's recent "SEO Q+A Office Hours" webinar, he tells you how.

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Check out a full transcript of the webinar below.

Question two. Okay, what does Google Search Console do for me and how should I use it? If you don't know what Google Search Console is, Google has really, well many major products, but Google Analytics is a product that says how many people visited me in a month, how many were organic, how many, how'd they find me, and how many people came from this place on this date. What Search Console does, Search Console looks a little bit more into the actual search data for you. So I pick up something here from Short Hills. I messed around with this a little bit.

So this isn't the full list. So I looked on Search Console and here's what I saw for me, because I didn't want to put a client up there. So I looked at some of the things, I cut some of them out, but I looked at some of the things where we rank first and here. So what can I do with this information? I rank one and a half on average for website development New Jersey. On Google when someone searched website development New Jersey, my page came up at the average position of 1.5 33 times. I think this is in the last month or two, I forget what I put up here as a search parameter, but no clicks.

That to me is a problem because if I appeared either first or second, I'm 33 impressions and nobody clicked. That means whatever it says on my excerpt there isn't appealing to people. It's not good. And so it probably says medical and dental web design or healthcare web design and people who see that are probably getting turned away because a mom and pop who wants to have a restaurant or other stuff. We don't just do healthcare. But that's my focus, my expertise. But again, I am probably missing out because my meta description not a meta tag, a meta description is not probably enticing these people.

A meta tag is something from back in years ago when we would describe for Google what your site is, and so that is not a meta description. I will post tonight in the followup for this what a meta description is because it's important. Generally speaking, when we do SEO, I don't really mess with meta descriptions because you can't really split test them. And so Yoast SEO will generate a description for you for every page, which generally is good. But in this situation, I'm saying, listen, whatever's there is not appealing. Now let's take a look here.

2.3, my average position, 23 searches for long tail keywords for dentists. That's great. I have four clicks. Now what that means is my meta description is pretty good and so I really could go in here and edit the meta description here, but 17.4% of the people are pretty happy with what I wrote. So I think what I'm going to do next is look at what page on my website they're landing on and then I'm going to want to see what these people do. Because whatever I said in my description and I have to look, it's enticing to eight out of 10 people, I'll take it. So certainly I want to look at the landing page.

When they click that, where do they end up? We can look that up in Search Console also and see what are these people doing and are they contacting me or what can I do to get them to sign up and get a copy of the book, to sign up and be on this webinar or do something like that. So that I think is important as well. So that's what Search Console does for you. If you can't, if you're a Short Hills client, you already have Search Console, everything is verified and you should have ownership and access. If not, let me know. So that's that.

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