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My name is Dr. David Wank and you may recognize my from my involvement on DT over the course of the last 15+ years, or hear about Short Hills Design from a friend.  For those of you that don't know me, I'm a practicing general dentist in New York City (I still see patients 4 days/week), I write the web development CE course for DentalTown, and I'm on the DT Editorial Advisory Board. If you have any questions about my company's reputation, our commitment to excellence, or our unparalleled transparency with our clients, please read our reviews, and/or do ask about us on DentalTown.   With that said, how can we help?

How can I help?

We generally break down our services as below:

1. I need a new website (or I think I need a new website). Perfect. We've been building websites for Townies for over 14 years. Check out our portfolio to see some of the incredible websites we've built (and continue to build).  Or read more about our dental web design process

And don't forget, all of our clients (1) own their own websites, (2) can edit their own websites, and (3) can work with any other marketing provider in concert with us (of course we'd love you to work 100% with us, but we are the only agency we know of that happily works well with others!

2. I need to drive more traffic to my website (I think I need SEO).  Driving traffic to your website is the first step in making the phone ring in your office. Learn about our unique "Dental SEO Sprints" approach to SEO, where YOU choose how much work is done and how often.

3. I want to use your  Local SEO/Google My Business/Google Business Profile service to drive more phone calls to my practice. Google My Business (now Google Business Profile) has turned into a major player when it comes to driving phone calls and traffic. We encourage all of our clients to either use our GMB service, or have their staff handle the tasks in-house. Here's what we do - and what every business (not just dentists) should do.  And once again, blame Google!

4. I need your help migrating to Google Analytics 4. On the subject of "blame Google" as you'll see below, Google Analytics 3 is on its way out and Google Analytics 4 is on the way in -- and businesses have no choice but to get GA4 setup and running ASAP.  If you want to learn more about the what and the why, this article is for you. If you'd just like us to take care of it for you, you can learn what we do here.

5. I'm not really sure -- I've heard great things about you and your company :), and I'd like to speak with you to learn more about your services.


If you already know what you need and want to learn more about what we offer, want to pick my brain, or a combination of the two:

Fill out a contact formbook a time on my calendar, or call me (if I'm with a patient I'll call you back). 


Here are a few suggsstions about where you should head next:

I want to build a new website or rebuild my current website. 
Great! All of our clients own their own sites and have full 100% administrator access. We work exlcusively on the WordPress platform, and we work well with other vendors (for example, if you have a Google Ads company you'd like to keep working with).
My website is ok but I'm not getting as many new patients as I'd like. 
Understood. In these situations it makes sense to try to figure out WHY the website isn't converting. Is it a traffic problem (not enough people coming to the website) or a messagingn problem (we have a lot of visitors but we're not getting phone calls)?  Thus, we like to do a Google Analytics 4 review/implementation check along with 6 months of HIPAA-compliant call tracking. Doing so will get us the data we need to see WHERE your new patients are coming from and how much REVENUE you are generating from these NPs. We can then make a marketing plan based upon acutal data.
I heard that you have a methodical, transparent, and affordable SEO process that gets results and I'd like to learn more.
Awsome! We do SEO in what I call Sprints. We do a comprehensive analysis that fouces on content and what your site is currently doing well (so we can score some easy wins with low-hanging fruit) and then we use this information to build out a content treatment plan.  We can then work throught the content on our list (as we would work through a patient's treatment plan).  In this manner, all of the content we build is targeted content specifically for what your site needs and the services we provide.  And unlike other dental SEO companies, we're not going to be adding random content (so your pedo office won't get implant denture content, and your high-end practice for patients over 60 won't have content about interceptive ortho). 

Learn more about what we do and what's included, and contact us when you are ready to get started.

(973) 715-9947
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